eBabe sells and buys things online to support herself. She discovers that Eworldauctions is a fertile ground for meeting people who involve her in unusual situations that make her life a strange eVenture.

eBabe calls herself “the auction queen.” She delights in helping others find her same success. Her best friend, eBud, has little interest in following her auction practices until he finds a treasure. He hopes eBabe will “list it” for him.

A neighbor, eVel, hears of eBabe’s selling ability and since she lost her job and has no money, she ventures into eBabe’s shop and steals a valuable item. eBud rescues the item from eVel. eBabe confronts her. eBabe decides to teach eVel how to sell items so she can provide for herself.

eBabe hates to lose auction bids. She’s outbid on a bracelet and becomes distraught. eBud sees a simple solution…offer the winning bidder more than he paid for it. eGuy takes the offer. He delivers the bracelet to eBabe and a romance begins.

A disgruntled customer becomes a stalker of eBabe. Johnny Curtis’s stalking becomes intense and threatening. eGuy, eVel, and eBud help eBabe avoid a disaster. They track down the stalker and find that he is a she and that she is a lonely person looking to fill a void in her life. Johnny says she likes stalking…”it’s her.” eBabe shows her other things she can do with her life besides intruding on others.

eBabe always shows the viewer a positive attitude. She wants to succeed and she wants everyone else too, as well. Her enthusiasm is evident to all she meets.